Colorado is America’s “Great Outdoors”! It provides countless photographic opportunities: the Rocky Mountains, waterfalls, cliff dwellings, golden Aspens, and some of the greatest vistas our country has to offer.


Dallas Divide

For a landscape photographer, the Dallas Divide is one of the greatest of American vistas. The combination of rolling hills, colorful underbrush and golden Aspens serve as a perfect foreground to the grandeur that is the San Juan Mountain range. And during the peak fall season, this location will simply take your breath away.

Maroon Bells Sunrise.jpg

Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells - this was the first place I ever visited that I said “WOW, how did this happen?” Perhaps the most photographed place in Colorado, the Maroon Bells is the ultimate spot—the holy grail for landscape photographers—where you can get that “hang it on the wall” picture of your dreams.

Lost Lakes (1 of 1).jpg

Lost Lakes

Lost Lakes are made up of 3 small lakes that rest just north of the East Beckwith Mountain. The location sits in a tranquil Aspen forest just off of the Kebler Pass and is a photographers dream. You do not have to stay at the campground to photograph or hike the area. But, once you get here you will wish you were.


Last Dollar Road

During the peak fall season in Colorado, the golden Aspen trees are everywhere—on almost every ridge and in almost every valley. However, it is sometimes very difficult to capture the “essence” of the white trees with the little golden leaves. I for one was looking for a large clump of golden Aspen leaves that would fill up a whole frame to create the illusion that they were everywhere. I tried tons of Aspen groves, but never could find the right composition.

McClure Pass.jpg

McClure Pass

The McClure Pass is a great destination for a landscape photographer and outdoor enthusiast. It runs through a huge Aspen grove with nice mountain view are all sides. The views on both the east and west sides are stunning and provide dozens and dozens of great photographic opportunities.

North Creek Falls