Contributing Partners

Photographers Trail Notes welcomes the opportunity to partner with others to help expand the geographic and creative footprint of the website while providing exposure and recognition (links to personal websites, promoting events and workshops) to other photographers which have a passion for landscape photography.

It is important that contributing partners share similar values, care and conservation of the locations, quality standards, integrity and goals as Photographers Trail Notes.


What we offer to contributing partners:

·       $50 per each accepted location

·       Recognition/attribution on the location page(s) and images provided by the contributing partner

·       Links to the contributing partners personal website

·       A write-up (if requested) of the contributing partner in the “Area Guides and Workshops” section in the location page

·       Include a write up/bio in the “About" section of the website - as a “Contributing Partner”



To be considered as a contributing partner submit an image, with a brief summary and trail difficulty of the location(s) along with the signed Photographers Trail Notes Contributing Partners Agreement for review. Photographers Trail Notes has discretion in determining which locations are chosen for the website.